Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh Holy Sh*t!

I usually can't get to ANY of this at school. But the other day, I noticed that I could see pictures on blogs again. And I thought to myself hmm....Then today, I accidently clicked on comments on Michelle's blog and guess what? The crazy school computer blocking bitch who lives in my computer didn't say I couldn't read the comments. She actually let me! So I tried to leave a comment. And I can!!! And I can post!

And of course, I just have angry Kari with me today. Happy Kari won't arrive until get en route to Baltimore.

Angry Kari is very angry that she has to be at work today. She's a teacher. For a reason. She likes summers off and super long holidays. But not this year. This year we have to work until 3:15 on Friday. We get out a half hour early. Seriously? What's the point? Angry Kari has decided that she hates children this week. Because as angry as Kari is this week, apparently the children are even angrier that they have to be here and are JERKS! They have decided that since they normally don't have to be here, the normal rules don't apply. They are running around, yelling, being disrespectful. And those teachers who don't normally do their jobs? Oh right, they're REALLY not doing their jobs this week. So when you send kids out of the class for punishment, they just come right back. Gee thanks. If I wanted to see their smiling little faces, I woudln't have sent them to you in the first place! Angry Kari is also angry that she has to not only be here this week, but also attend a stupid after school gathering for parents that the principal isn't even attending! Seriously? Oh wait, I know how we can make this horrible week better. Let's stay after school for three and a half hours and entertain parents! Awesome.

Sorry everyone. I'm very cranky. Forgive me.


lspoon said...

eh cranky or not at least you got it out!

Stephanie said...

You have to entertain parents the WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS?! Is your principal a slave driver?! What age kids do you teach?

sassafras said...


One more more day! Keep saying it!

La said...

UGH, three and a half hours? Like Sass, at least it's only one more day, right?

Michelle said...

this weekend you'll be in baltimore. you're not allowed to be cranky ;)

hehe. i kid, i kid.

Lisa said...

Totally entitled to be cranky. I used to teach, and just the meeting with the parents is enough to make me cranky.