Monday, November 5, 2007

What to do...

I'm not really sure I have anything to say this time....I always think of things to blog about at school where I can't access the page. Then by the time I come home I've forgotten what I wanted to write about!

I went shopping Saturday. We were supposed to be Christmas shopping but that didn't happen. We didn't find anything that we liked to give people. So...we spent the money we set aside on ourselves. I bought some just "hanging out" clothes at forever 21 and H & M. I always buy things that Noah says are too dressy for hanging out so this time I made an effort to buy longsleeve t-shirts and more relaxed stuff. I am wearing one of my new shirts today :) It makes me happy. I think I'll wear another one tomorrow... :) Shopping almost always cheers me up. Spending money makes me feel better. And it's totally not a good idea now that we bought a house. Before we bought the house we could pretty much spend as we pleased and still get money back in savings every month. Now, we can barely get any money in savings and if we spend as we please, we end up taking it out. That is something I definitely don't want to see happen. Especially with Christmas right around the corner. Not cool yo.

So...I've got to be better about my spending. Seriously. And stop going out to eat so much. And still figure out something cool for this weekend...yeah, right.

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Miriam said...

But retail therapy is awesome! My husband knew I needed some this weekend even though I had already been the day before!