Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well it's Tuesday. Tuesday after Thanksgiving Break. Which I must say is not the best day in the world. I love Wednesdays b/c they are Writing Wednesdays (clever, I know) so the morning goes quickly. I put on music, the kids write, I edit their writing, they do a final draft. Morning is over moving on to afternoon. I like Thursdays and Fridays b/c the kids have specials on and off in the mornings so I only have all six for one hour and on Thursdays we spend that hour in Kindergarten. So Tuesdays aren't that great. And especially the ones after a break. It's like on Monday the kids are psyched to get back to school and then on Tuesday they realize that they are back at school. Damn that sucks. Also, this morning I could not get out of bed for anything. I didn't crawl my ass out of bed until 7:33. I have to leave for work at 8:15 at the latest. There went my shower.

Anyways...some good news.

#1. Not pregnant. Always a yay. My homemade morning after pill actually worked but now I've got my period two weeks in advance. Thanks pills.

#2. No flat tire. Stupid me and stupid curbs are like lovers or something. I always rub against them when I park and mroe often than not, I hit them when I'm turning a corner. I hit one Sunday night (thanks rain and thanks Noah for being unable to turn the heater off for yourself so I'm trying to turn and turn off the heater at the same time) and was 99% sure that I had a flat tire. (As far as my boss is concerned, I did) So I got someone to drive me to school and we went to the tire place after Noah got home from work and...the tire is OK. The flap of rubber hanging off the sidewall is perfectly safe (what? I know, seriously? OK....). So I didn't have to replace the tire. Because the fun thing about Subaru is they are all wheel drive. Which means that they have really really expensive sensors in the wheels. Which means that you really are supposed to replace all 4 tires at the same time, every time. Bare minimum, 2. Which means that even tho I have the road hazard insurance on my tires which replaces them for free if they can't be repaired, I still have to pay for a tire. But no flat. Thank goodness!

#3. Noah actually got paid. Like for real got paid from his new job and that means we had double pay checks this week so I got to put over $1000 back in savings. Which was awesome. Then Noah informed me that he wants to buy a NordicTrack. Seriously honey? It's Christmas!

#4. Half of my Christmas shopping is done....AND WRAPPED! I am awesome! Also, my table is decorated, my tree is up (not decorated) and we have half of our outside lights up. We are awesome. Downside, the people who are left...yeah I have no F-ing clue what to get them. But I'll figure it out.

Anywho.....Overall it's been an OK day and I'm in a pretty good mood. Looking forward to Cavatini for dinner with some great couples I know. Have a Happy Tuesday!


Michelle said...

homemade morning after pill? sounds dangerous dearie.

the tire thing - yeah i already told you that blows. but yay! for extra savings $$.

p.s. i'm thinking we need to do a happy hour again soon :)

Miriam said...

A Nordictrack? What is this 1992?


cdp said...

Yeah, big yay for the savings money. That's awesome! Can I have some? =)

The Nordictrack is pretty funny.

I love the way you break down the week. Especially the Tuesday realization that damn, back in school. Funny.

Hope your week is looking up!

Princess Pointful said...

Yeah, I'm pretty perplexed by this whole homemade hormone altering thing. Are you some type of super scientist?