Monday, September 3, 2007

September? When did that happen?

It's September. I didn't know August was over and it's September already.

School is back in session. I have possibly the lowest kids I've ever experienced, on three different grade levels, and two of the six are behavior problems. It's going to be a long and trying year...I took on lunch duty to make some extra moola. Don't know what I was thinking! Geesh. I've got to find a book that interests them so I can read while they clean up b/c they are just toooooooo loud.

Everything is going according to plan for the house. We're in business as far as I know. Haven't heard otherwise. Noah and I are picking fun stuff out. I want to buy some of it already tho!

Went to the Cincy area today to shoot some maternity pictures for some friends. She could pop any moment. I was sad tho to see that they were so suburban. I know they are happy but...I don't ever want to be that suburban. It's not for me. I want to have paint on my walls and have nice things and be fun and do interesting things. I don't want to live in a new build community where every house looks the same, you have no yard and you live on a cul-de-sac. I don't want to have stark white walls and every single furnishing in my house came from Target b/c it's trendy. Whew. Hope I didn't offend anyone there...but I'm not that person. I'll never be a stay at home mom. I want to work. I want to travel and acquire antiques and unique items from all over the world.

Am excited for this year to get underway...I know I just said it was going to be a long year, but I think it'll be better than last year and it'll be a good year. I can't wait to be a homeowner and have that responsability, not to mention a garage and a driveway so I don't have to drag groceries in from the side street. I want to wash my car in the driveway and paint and fix up the place. We just realized this week that come Sept. 14th, we will be grownups....scary.

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Mim said...

Ah come on...we're toys R us kids. We'll never be grown ups.