Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well...we're homebuyers!

I was all worried that the sellers would back out if they had to make repairs or refuse to make them or try to up the price in exchange for making them but I was totally wrong. They signed our request for remedy w/out any changes so it is official we are officially buying a house! I am super excited and now it's all paperwork ... some to the lender, some to the realtor, and some just stuff like insurance that has to be done. I didn't really think it would happen for us! Yay!

And I'm finding that my friends were friends and they are letting the past be in the past so....again, I'm afraid to say it but life is good!

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Mim said...

Don't be afraid to say fact...shout it from the mountaintops: LIFE IS GOOD!

Congrats on the house!