Monday, January 21, 2008

Ok Ok, the real post!

I thought I would answer some more questions from my adoring fans :) These are from Brandy:

1. FAvourite type of cookie?
2. Would you rather have an Irish accent or would you rather date a guy who did?
3. Favourite type of shampoo?
4. Movie you've watched at least 10 times?
5. Favourite juice derived from a fruit?

So here goes:

1. My all time favorite type of cookie is Tag A Longs. You know, the chocolate peanut butter girl scout cookie that you can only get once a year that I consume five or more boxes of? Yeah, that one. Coming in a close second is the white fudge covered oreos that you can also only get once a year. Let me clarify that I do not like oreos in any other form.

2. I would most definitely rather date a man with an irish accent. Mmmmm.

3. Shampoo and I have issues. I find one I like and it only works well for a couple months so then I have find a new type. It's a struggle. Currently I am using Aussie Moist shampoo and Loreal Vive for long hair conditioner.

4. I have two movies that I can watch anytime, anywhere. There are Rocky Horror Picture Show, (Please tell me you know that one? And if you don't, we need to make a date to watch it together) and Dirty Dancing, Which I almost have memorized.

5. I don't drink a lot of fruit juice, but I like something with mango in it. I also like apple just plain or with mango.

Soooooo....since this isn't a Meme I can't tag anyone but leave me a comment with your own answers.


Anonymous said...

The University I work for is putting on Rocky Horror this week. Guess who has tickets!

Michelle said...

we are two cookie lover twin souls :)
tag a longs are my ALL TIME favorite girl scout cookie. and did you see the post where i blogged about my LOVE for white fudge covered oreos (which i should have stocked up on and now walmart is out of!)?

seriously my two faves.

barefoot said...

I have the same problem with shampoo. And finding another one when it's time to switch is like going on a treasure hunt. The shampoo aisle is huge.
I've never watched all of Rocky Horror, but I l.O.V.E. Dirty Dancing!

Virginia said...

I'm now drooling after you mentioned Tag A Longs. MMMMMMM. Good thing Girl Scout cookie season is coming up! And I totally agree on the guy having the Irish accent. Have you seen "Circle of Friends" with Minnie Driver and Chris O'Donnell? He is SO DANG CUTE.

Anonymous said...'re hair has developed a tolerance to shampoo? You're hair is a virus?

Valerie said...

1. I love the Girl Scout Samoas!!
2. I would totally rather date someone with an accent. They are a weakness of mine.
3. Anything Biolage.
4. Office Space
5. Orange juice

Who? Me? said...

Yes Steve, my hair has developed a resistance to shampoo. I think it happens to a lot of girls. :)

brandy said...

I've never had a tag a long! I also don't have an iphone. Man. I'm so out of the loop. I'm thinking this cookie situation will need to get changed.

A Lil' Irish Lass said...

1. I can't wait for my friends to start having kids. Yeah sure, it will make me feel old and woefully behind the curve. But they will be my Girl Scout cookie DEALERS.
2. I would definitely love to rock a brogue. And not just when I'm drunk at bars (yeah, it's embarrassing).
3. Devachan NoPoo!!! I waxed extensively on this product over at The Craic. Curly-haired girls, check it out. It will change your life.
4. Legend, Devil's Advocate, The Godfather, and Garden State.
5. Orange juice. I'm a dullard.

Princess Pointful said...

1. White chocolate macadamia nut. Mmmm.
2. Date a guy with an Irish accent. My guy is Irish. But accent free :(
3. Still trying to find the perfect one.
4. Grease!
5. Red grapefruit

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